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The morning Darkness 

Cool for you

Efyaromantiq writes..✍

The morning is bright and clear

yet I cannot see

My sight has been dim and blur

cos you have refuse to be

in my life for me to experience

love’s true astonishing light.

In you there is light

hence without you I cannot see

Let’s join together our lines

to hew one whole circle

and in it we ain’t gonna be

fearful of the irresistible darkness.

You along with me,

I know I’m secured in belonginess

Your light strenthens my life

and makes my heart grows strong

and this , there is none

who can do it as you.

Let’s put our hearts together

to drive away the darkness

that fills up our home

and to rejuvenate the lights

that brigthens our soul.

😍efyaromantiq 😍

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Your Demise

Efyaromantiq writes..✍

I will forever miss your smile

that brought joy in the faces of all.

We begun this journey with you

suddenly you left us in impending doom and you ain’t coming back soon

You left the poor women as a widow and she had to hold firm her pillow late in the night all alone

You have always been the window of our peaceful home

You gave us oxygen and we lived .Now your demise has shut this window and left us in sorrow

You are not here,so we sit down alone to think of what will happen to us tomorrow

We started this journey with you yet you never ended with us

Your sudden demise has unknowingly divided our heart ,separated our soul and imprisoned our spirit Our body is now empty and exposed

I have always been weak I stand at your grave and weep Your absence has…

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